1. General Remarks 总述

1.1 Unless stipulated otherwise in writing or specified in the contracts, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”) shall apply to the sale of goods between DOLD Electric (Taicang) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DOLD”) and all buyers (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer”). 除非另有书面规定或在合同中指明,本销售一般条款(以下简称“一般条款”)适用于 多德电气(太仓)有限公司(以下简称“多德”)与所有买方(以下简称“买方”)之间的 货物销售活动。

1.2 The GTS shall exclusively apply to the sale of goods from DOLD to the Buyer. The DOLD does not recognize terms and conditions of the Buyer that contravene or deviate from the GTS, unless DOLD has explicitly consented to them in writing. 本一般条款应排他性适用于多德向买方的货物销售。除非多德已书面明确同意,与本 一般条款相反或相背离的买方条款,多德不予承认。

1.3 The GTC shall also exclusively apply when DOLD has knowledge of terms and conditions of the Buyer which contravene or deviate from the GTC. 当多德知晓与本一般条款相反或相背离的买方条款时,本一般条款亦排他性适用。

1.4 All terms used in the GTC that are defined in Incoterms 2010 (by the International Commercial Terms of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, “Incoterms 2010”), and in updated versions of the Incoterms 2010 respectively, are used as defined therein. For example “Ex works” within this GTC means that the Buyer has to bear all costs and risks involved in taking the goods from the Seller’s premises or another agreed place, including without limitation, factory or warehouse. 本一般条款中使用的术语,均按照 Incoterms 2010(即由位于巴黎的国际商会所制定 的国际贸易术语解释通则)及Incoterms 2010的更新版本中的定义使用。例如本一般 条款中“工厂交货”的意思是买方需要承担从卖方住所或其他协商的地点处,包括但不 限于工厂或仓库,与受领货物有关的所有费用和风险。

1.5 The GTC stipulates terms and conditions on which the contract products shall be delivered and purchased. The GTC shall not be deemed as substitute for any purchase contract to be concluded between the parties pursuant to Section 2 of this GTC. 本一般条款规定的条款即合同产品交付和购买的条款。本一般条款不应视为双方根据 本一般条款第二条将订立的任何采购合同的替代。

2. Order and Acceptance, Formation of the Sales Order 订单和承诺,销售订单的成立

2.1 DOLD shall provide the Buyer with a quotation for each purchase, on the basis of which the Buyer shall submit an order to DOLD, whether by fax, e-mail or any other method (hereinafter referred to as “Order”). 多德应就每一次采购向买方提供报价,买方需在此基础上向多德提交订单,无论是以 传真、电子邮件或其他方式(以下简称“订单”)。

2.2 DOLD is obligated to confirm the Order in writing within thirty (30) calendar days upon the receipt (hereinafter referred to as “Acceptance Period”). A purchase contract is concluded when DOLD sends the confirmation of the Order to the Buyer within the Acceptance Period (hereinafter referred to as “Sales Order”). 多德有义务在收到订单后三十(30)个日历日内(以下简称“承诺期限”)书面确认订 单。当多德在承诺期限内向买方发送销售订单确认时(以下简称 “销售订单”),采购 合同订立。

2.3 The price of products shall be specified in the Sales Order and shall be maintained during the term of the purchase contract. With the exception of price, in case of any conflict between the other terms of the Sales Order and the GTC, the latter shall prevail. 销售价格应当以销售订单确认价格为准,且在采购合同期限内保持不变。除价格外, 销售订单和本一般条款的其他条款有冲突时,后者优先。

2.4 Any other business contact, correspondence or document between DOLD and the Buyer in the form other than the Sales Order, including without limitation, the exchange of price lists, prospectuses, or commercial advertisements, shall be an invitation for offer only. 多德与买方之间除销售订单以外的任何其他的业务合同、沟通或文件,包括但不限于, 交换报价单、说明书或商业广告,应仅为要约邀请。

2.5 DOLD expressly reserves the right of technical modifications to the products of DOLD within reasonable limits. The specifications, drawings, illustrations, images, technical data, measurements and performance descriptions in the brochures, descriptions and quotations of DOLD shall be therefore deemed approximate, unless they are expressly specified as binding. 多德明确保留在合理范围内对自己的产品进行技术修改的权利。除非明确规定为有约 束力,多德的宣传册、描述和报价单中的规格、图纸、图表、图像、技术数据、尺寸 和性能描述应视为大致描述。

3. Terms of Payment 支付条款

3.1 The Buyer shall pay to DOLD the purchase price as agreed in the respective Sales Order inclusive any taxes, including without limitation, value-added tax (hereinafter referred to as “Purchase Price”). The place of payment shall be the place of business of DOLD. 买方应按照相应销售订单中约定的购买价格向多德付款,付款含所有税费,包括但不 限于增值税(以下简称“购买价格”)。付款地点为多德的经营地。

3.2 The Buyer shall pay the agreed Purchase Price as agreed in the Sales Order. 买方应按照销售订单的约定支付购买价格。

3.3 Unless otherwise specified, prices are quoted “ex works” (Incoterms 2010) plus the legal percentage of value added tax valid on the invoice date. However, both Parties may agree that the freight shall be borne by DOLD. 除非另有规定,价格按照“工厂交货价”(Incoterms 2010)加发票日有效的增值税法定 税额。但双方可以约定运费由多德承担。

3.4 DOLD reserves the right by giving notice to the Buyer at any time before delivery to increase the Purchase Price to reflect increase in the costs to DOLD which is due to any factor beyond the control of DOLD, including without limitation, any change in the delivery dates, quantities or specifications for the goods which is requested by the Buyer, or any delay caused by any instructions of the Buyer or failure of the Buyer to give DOLD adequate information or instruction. 多德保留在交货前随时通知买方增加合同价格以反应多德因其无法控制的因素导致的 成本增加的权利,包括但不限于,买方要求的交货日期、货物数量、规格的变更,或 者任何因买方指示或买方未向多德发出适当的信息或指示而造成的迟延。

3.5 If the Buyer fails to make the payment on the due date, DOLD shall be entitled to charge default interest at the rate of at least 0.5% per day of the outstanding amount. In addition DOLD shall be entitled to postpone the delivery date, suspend further deliveries to the Buyer, and/or terminate the respective Sales Order. These rights shall be without prejudice to any other rights, claim for damages or remedies available to DOLD according to Chinese laws and regulations. 如果买方到期日未付款,多德有权至少按每日未付金额的 0.5%收取迟延罚息。此外, 多德应有权推迟交货日,暂停向买方进一步交货,和/或解除相关销售订单。上述权利 的行使不影响多德根据中国法律法规行使任何其他损害赔偿或补偿的权利和主张。

3.6 The Buyer shall neither be entitled to the retention of goods nor set-off, unless the Buyer’s claims are undisputed, or recognized by a non/appealable judgment. 买方既无权扣留货物也无权抵消,除非买方的主张是无可争议的或者经不可上诉的判决所承认。

3.7 The payment to be made by the Buyer is to be transferred in RMB-currency to DOLD’s banking account without deduction and free of expenses and costs for DOLD. 买方的款项应以人民币形式汇入多德指定的银行账户,不得扣减,并且多德不承担任 何汇款费用和成本。

4. Terms of Delivery 交货条款

4.1 DOLD undertakes to deliver the goods Ex Works (EXW – Incoterms 2010), unless otherwise agreed by both Parties in the Sales Order. 除非双方在销售订单中另有约定,多德承诺按工厂交货(EXW-Incoterms 2010)交付 货物。

4.2 The place of delivery shall be DOLD’s business address, or DOLD’s warehouse according to the Sales Order (hereinafter referred to as “Place of Delivery”), unless otherwise expressly agreed by both Parties in the Sales Order. 除非双方在销售订单中另有明确约定,交货地点应为多德的营业地址,或根据销售订 单为多德的仓库(以下简称“交货地点”)。

4.3 The purchase of the goods according to the Sales Order shall not be deemed as transaction for delivery by a fixed date, unless expressly agreed otherwise by both Parties. DOLD shall be entitled to make part deliveries. 除非双方另有约定,根据销售订单的货物购买不应视为在一个确定的日期完全交货的 交易。多德应有权部分交货。

4.4 Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to DOLD according to Chinese laws and regulations, if the Buyer fails to take the delivery or fails to give DOLD adequate delivery instructions on the Delivery Date, DOLD is entitled to (i) immediately store the goods until actual delivery and charge the Buyer for the reasonable costs of storage, (ii) after a reasonable grace period fixed by DOLD dispose of the goods by selling these goods to a third party at the expense of the Buyer, claiming loss of profits and set-off against claims of the Buyer, and/or (iii) withdraw from the respective Sales Order after a reasonable grace period fixed by DOLD. 在不影响多德根据中国法律法规享有的权利或救济的情况下,如果买方没能在交货日 期接收货物或未能向多德发出适当的交货指示,多德有权(i)立即保管货物直至实际 交货,并且向买方收取合理的保管费,(ii)在多德确定的一段合理的宽限期后,将货 物出售给第三方,费用由买方承担,多德有权要求买方赔偿利润损失并抵消买方的索 赔,和/或(iii)在多德规定的一段合理的宽限期后撤销相应的销售订单。

4.5 In the case of a delay in delivery at fault of DOLD, the Buyer may withdraw from the Sales Order after expiry of a reasonable grace period to be set by the Buyer in writing. Article 6 of this GTC shall remain unaffected to any claims for compensation of damages and expenses of the Buyer due to the delay of delivery. 如多德对迟延交货有过错,买方可在其书面确定的合理宽限期届满后撤销销售订单。 一般条款第六条应适用于所有因迟延交货导致的损害和费用赔偿的主张。

5. Examination, Rejection and Period of Quality Guaranty 验货、拒收和质保期限

5.1 The Buyer shall immediately inspect the delivered goods for defective and notify any defects to DOLD in writing but no later than within ten (10) working days of receipt of the goods at the Place of Delivery. With respect to any defects which cannot be detected despite careful inspection within this period, the Buyer shall immediately notify DOLD in writing after they have been detected within the period of quality guaranty according to this GTC. In any case the notice of defects shall include sufficient description of the defect with reference to the respective Sales Order. Otherwise, herewith the Buyer agrees in advance that the goods shall be deemed to have been accepted with such defects and any claims against DOLD are excluded. 买方应在交货地点收到货物后立即检查货物是否存在瑕疵,且不迟于十(10)个工作 日内就任何瑕疵立即书面通知多德。对于在该期限内经仔细检查仍然无法发现的瑕疵, 买方应于本一般条款规定的质保期内发现后立即书面通知多德。在任何情况下,瑕疵 通知应当包含对瑕疵的详尽描述并关联相关销售订单。否则,买方在此提前同意包含 此等瑕疵的货物视为被接受,并且任何针对多德的主张将被排除。

5.2 DOLD shall be entitled to request verification of the defectives claimed by the Buyer. The defective goods and their packing shall be submitted to DOLD for inspection. If the defectives due to reason(s) attributable to the risk of operational safety or the risk of incommensurate loss, the Buyer shall immediately contact DOLD in writing to notify of any operation that may have been performed by the Buyer. 多德应有权要求核实买方所主张的瑕疵。瑕疵货物及其包装应提交多德进行检验。如 果存在操作安全风险或存在完全不相称的损失风险,则买方必须立即以书面方式联系 多德,告知买方可能进行过的自行操作的情况。

5.3 If the delivered goods are demonstrable defective at the time of passing of risk according to this GTC or the Sales Order, DOLD shall either deliver replacement, or remedy the goods at its own discretion (hereinafter referred to as “Supplementary Performance”). Multiple remedies by DOLD shall be admissible. Costs for the transportation during the Supplementary Performance shall be borne by DOLD and Buyer one half each. If the Supplementary Performance of DOLD fails, the Buyer shall be entitled at his discretion to either withdraw from the Sales Order or demand a reduction of the Purchase Price according to the legal status in the PR China. In the case of a minor violation of the Sales Order by DOLD, in particular in the case of minor defects, however, the Buyer shall have no right of withdrawal. Section 6 of the GTC shall remain unaffected to any claims for compensation of damages and expenses of the Buyer due to defects. 根据一般条款或销售订单,如果交付的货物在风险转移时存在明显的瑕疵,多德将有 权自行决定替换货物或进行补救(以下简称“补充履行”)。多德可采取多种补救措施。 补充履行中的运输费用应由多德和买方各承担一半。如果多德的补充履行未果,买方 应有权根据中华人民共和国的法律决定撤销销售订单或要求降低购买价格。但是,多 德对销售订单的轻微违反,特别是轻微的瑕疵,买方并无撤销权。一般条款第六条应 适用于瑕疵导致的损失和费用赔偿的任何主张。

5.4 In any case the goods shall not be returned by the Buyer without consultation of DOLD and the goods must be returned in original package, in good and clean condition and according to the instructions by DOLD. 在任何情况下,未经多德同意,买方不得将货物退回,且货物必须以原包装在良好和 清洁的条件下按多德的指示退回。

5.5 The period of quality guaranty for the goods of DOLD shall be subject to the agreement on the Sales Order, starting on the date of delivery to the Place of Delivery. During this period the Buyer shall demonstrate, if the delivered goods are defective at the time of passing of risk according to the GTC or the Sales Order. The period of quality guaranty regarding the shelf-life goods of DOLD shall expire at the date of expiry affixed to the inner or outer packing. DOLD shall bear no liability within the period of quality guaranty in respect of any defect arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow DOLD’s instructions, misuse or alteration or repair of the goods without DOLD’s approval. DOLD may repair such damaged goods at the request of the Buyer, however the costs incurred thereof shall be borne by the Buyer. 多德货物的质保期应为以销售订单上的约定为准,自在交货地点交货之日起算。在此 期间,如果交付的货物在风险转移时出现缺陷,买方应根据一般条款或销售订单的规 定进行证明。多德货物的质保期应于内外包装上所示的到期日届满。因合理磨损、故 意损坏、非正常作业条件、未遵循多德的指示、误用或未经多德同意而对货物进行更 改或修理而导致的瑕疵,多德无需在质保期内承担任何责任。多德可应买方请求修理 受损货物,但由此产生的费用由买方承担。

6. Limitation on Liability 责任限制

6.1 DOLD shall be liable for intent and gross negligence regarding financial losses, as well as for all culpable violations of life, body or health. Without prejudice to Article 5.1 of this GTC, DOLD shall also be liable for all culpable violations of the essential contractual obligations according to Chinese laws and regulations. Any further liability, notwithstanding the legal nature of the raised claim, shall be excluded. 多德应对故意或过失导致的财物损失和所有可归咎其责的对生命、身体或健康的侵犯 承担责任。在不影响本一般条款第 5.1 条的情况下,多德亦应对根据中国法律法规所 有可归咎其责的对合同义务的实质性违反承担责任。任何进一步的责任,无论提出的 索赔的法律性质如何,都将被排除。

6.2 In any case DOLD’s liability shall be limited to the amount of the typical foreseeable damages. DOLD shall not be liable for any consequential damages such as loss of profit, loss of production, and loss of use, arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use of the goods or performance of its obligations; improper or inappropriate use, storage or wrong installation of the goods by the Buyer or a third party; unauthorized modification; wrong or negligent operation; and the use of the goods for non-design purposes or not in accordance with the information and detailed instructions contained in the relevant material of the goods (including but not limited to the installation manual, operation manual, products specification etc.). 在任何情况下,多德的责任应限于典型的可预见的损失金额内。对于因购买、使用货 物或履行义务而引起的或与之有关的任何附带损害,如利润损失、生产损失和使用损 失;对于买方或第三方不适宜或不恰当的使用、储存产品或错误的安装产品的行为; 未经授权的改装行为;错误或疏忽的操作行为;以及将产品用于非设计用途或不按照 多德产品相关资料(包括但不限于安装手册、操作手册、产品说明书等)中包含的信 息和详细说明使用产品的行为,多德不承担责任。

6.3 Claims of the Buyer arising from product liability according to the compulsory legal regulations, such as under the Chinese Product Quality Law, shall not be affected by the limitation on liability pursuant to this Section 6. The limitation on liability shall apply mutatis mutandis in the case of violations of duties by employees, representatives and vicarious agents of DOLD. 买方根据强行性法律规范,例如中国产品质量法,提出的产品责任索赔,不受本一般 条款第六条责任限制的影响。多德的雇员、代表和代理商的违反职责的情况下,应当 比照适用责任限制。

7. Reservation of Title 所有权保留

DOLD shall retain title to the delivered goods until all claims - even future claims - resulting from the business relations of DOLD, including this GTC, have been settled. The Buyer shall keep the retained goods safe for DOLD and labeling them without charge to identify such goods. If the Buyer, including without limitation, (i) delays or ceases payment, (ii) is unable to pay its current liabilities, or (iii) has already requested insolvency proceedings according to applicable laws and regulations, DOLD is entitled to take the retained goods back at the expense of the Buyer without request. The Buyer may neither pledge the retained goods, nor transfer the same as security, without the prior written approval of DOLD. 多德应保留对所交付货物的所有权,直至所有因多德的商业关系(包括本一般条款) 而产生的索赔—甚至是未来的索赔—都得到解决为止。买方应当为多德妥善保管保留 所有权的货物,并免费为该等货物作出标识用以辨别。如果买方,包括但不限于(i) 延迟或停止付款,或(ii)无能力支付其当前的债务,或(iii)根据相关法律法规已申 请破产程序,多德有权在未经买方要求的情况下收回保留所有权的货物,费用由买方 承担。未经多德事先的书面同意,买方不得在保留所有权的货物上设定质押,也不得 作为抵押转移该等货物。

8. Commercial agents, Conclusion of Agreements 商事代理,缔结协议

Any agreement between the Buyer and the authorized commercial agents of DOLD, if any, shall require the prior written confirmation of DOLD. This shall apply in particular to Sales Order accepted by the authorized commercial agents of DOLD, if any. 买方与多德授权的商事代理之间达成任何协议(如有),都需要事先得到多德的书面确 认。这尤其适用于由多德授权的商事代理接受的销售订单(如有)。

9. Confidentiality 保密

9.1 The Buyer acknowledges that all technical, commercial and financial information disclosed to the Buyer by DOLD is the confidential information of DOLD. The Buyer shall not disclose any such confidential information to any third party and shall not use any such confidential information for any purpose other than as agreed by the Parties. 买方承认,多德向买方披露的所有技术、商业和财务信息均为多德的保密信息。买方 不得向任何第三方披露任何该等保密信息,亦不得将任何该等保密信息用于双方约定 之外。

9.2 This confidentiality obligation shall be valid for duration of the Sales Order and period of five (5) years after fulfilment of the Sales Order. 上述保密义务在销售订单的有效期内以及销售订单履行完毕后的五(5)年内应持续有效。

10. Communication 通讯方式

10.1 Unless agreed otherwise by both Parties, the communication between DOLD and the Buyer shall be subject to the contact details set out in the Sales Order. 除非双方另有约定,多德与买方的通讯方式应以销售订单上所列的联系方式为准。

10.2 In the event of any change in the contact person of one party, the other party shall be informed immediately in writing. The Buyer shall use the communication ways and means prescribed by DOLD including any electronic communication facilities (e-mail, Internet, exchange of data carriers and others) with the standards prescribed by DOLD. 若一方的联系人有任何变化,应立即书面通知另一方。买方应使用多德规定的符合多 德标准的通讯方式和手段,包括任何电子通讯方式(电子邮件、互联网、数据载体的交换及其他)。

11. Force Majeure 不可抗力

11.1 Force Majeure means any event, not existing as of the date hereof and not reasonably foreseeable or within the control of the Parties as of such date, which prevents, in whole or in part, the performance by a Party of its obligations hereunder or makes the performance of such obligations commercially unreasonable, including but not limited to, acts of God, war, terrorism, riot, fire, explosion, earthquake, State or governmental actions, crisis, strikes, fundamental changes in laws and regulations, or prolonged shortage of energy or supplies (hereinafter referred to as “Force Majeure”). 不可抗力是指,目前不存在并且无法合理预见或不属当前双方可控制范围内的事件, 且该等事件妨碍一方全部或部分履行本一般条款项下义务或使该等义务在商业上变得 不合理,包括且不限于,天灾、战争、恐怖主义、暴乱、火灾、爆炸、地震、国家或 政府行为、危机、罢工、法律法规的根本变化、或能源或供给的持续短缺(以下简称 “不可抗力”)。

11.2 Should any Party be prevented from performing the GTC or the respective Sales Order due to the occurrence of any event of Force Majeure after the date hereof, the prevented Party shall promptly inform the other Party and shall furnish within fourteen (14) business days from the occurrence of the event of Force Majeure sufficient proof of the occurrence and duration of such Force Majeure notarized by a notary public. The Party claiming Force Majeure shall also use all reasonable endeavors to terminate the Force Majeure. 如任何一方在今后由于任一不可抗力事件的发生而无法履行本一般条款或相应销售订 单项下条款时,受阻碍方应立即通知另一方并应在不可抗力事件发生后十四(14)个 工作日内提供经公证机关公证的该不可抗力发生和持续的充分证据。主张不可抗力一 方亦应采取所有合理的措施终止该不可抗力。

11.3 Any delay or failure in performance of the GTC and Sales Order caused by an event of Force Majeure shall not constitute default by the prevented Party or give rise to any claim for damage, losses or penalties. Under such circumstances, the Parties are still under an obligation to take reasonable measures to perform this GTC or the respective Sales Order, so far as is practical. The prevented Party shall send a written notice to the other Party as soon as possible of the elimination of the event of Force Majeure, and the other Party will confirm receipt of such notice. 由不可抗力事件导致的一般条款和销售订单迟延履行或不履行不应构成被阻碍方违约, 也不应导致任何损害、损失或惩罚的索赔。在此等情形下,双方仍有义务采取合理措 施,在可行的范围内履行本一般条款或相关销售订单。不可抗力事件一经消除,受阻 碍方应立即向另一方发送书面通知,另一方将确认收到该等通知。

11.4 Should an event of Force Majeure continue to delay implementation of this GTC or the relevant Sales Order for a period in excess of three (3) months, the Parties shall, through friendly consultations, decide whether to terminate or modify the relevant Sales Order. 如果不可抗力事件持续妨碍本一般条款或相关销售订单的履行超过三(3)个月,双方 应经友好协商决定是否终止或更改相关销售订单。

12. Breach and Termination 违约与解除

12.1 Without prejudice to any rights or remedies DOLD may have under this GTC or the Sales Order or at law, DOLD may, by written notice to the Buyer, terminate with immediate effect any purchase contract, or any Sales Order, without any liability whatsoever, if: 在不影响多德根据本一般条款、销售订单或法律可能享有的任何权利或救济的情况下, 如果出现下列情况,多德可通过书面通知买方立即解除任何采购合同或销售订单而不 承担任何责任:

a. the Buyer fails to make payment on a due date under the Sales Order or for any Products to DOLD; 买方未能在任何销售订单规定的到期日前向多德付清任何产品的价款;

b. the Buyer fails to accept products that are in conformity with the requirements supplied in the Sales Order; 买方未能接受符合销售订单所提供的要求的产品;

c. any proceedings in insolvency, bankruptcy (including reorganization) liquidation or winding up are instituted against Buyer, whether filed or instituted by the Buyer or a third party, voluntary or involuntary, a trustee or receiver is appointed over the Buyer, or any assignment is made for the benefit of creditors of the Buyer; 针对买方提起任何资不抵债、破产(包括重组)、清算或清盘程序,无论是由买方 或第三方提交或提起,自愿或非自愿,针对买方指定了受托人或接管人,或为买 方债权人之利益进行任何转让;

d. no agreement can be reached pursuant to Section 11 under the GTC with respect to Force Majeure; or 根据本一般条款第 11 条无法就不可抗力达成协议;或

e. the Buyer violates or breaches any of the provisions of the GTC and/or the Sales Order. 买方违反本一般条款和/或销售订单的任何条款。

Upon occurrence of any of the events referred to under Article 12 (a) through 12 (e) above, all payments to be made by the Buyer under the Sales Order shall become immediately due and payable. 在上述 12(a)至 12 (e) 条下的任何事件发生时,买方在销售订单项下支付的所有款项应 立即到期应付。

12.2 Without prejudice to a deviating regulation in this GTC, the termination notice does not affect any requirements for compensation by DOLD. 在不影响本一般条款中另有规定的情况下,解约通知不影响多德的任何赔偿要求。

13. Miscellaneous 其他条款

13.1 The Sales Order together with the GTC constitutes the entire contract between DOLD and the Buyer with respect to the subject matter of the sales contract. All prior or contemporary agreements, whether written or oral, and all proposals, understandings and communications between DOLD and the Buyer are hereby cancelled and superseded. 销售订单与本一般条款一起构成了多德和买方之间关于销售合同标的物的完整合同。 多德与买方之间所有此前或现行的协议,无论是书面或口头的,以及所有建议、谅解 和沟通都在此被取消和取代。

13.2 No amendment, change or addition to the GTC or a Sales Order shall be effective and binding on any Party unless executed by the Parties in writing. This also applies to an amendment and change of this provision. 除非经双方书面签署,对本一般条款和销售订单的任何变更、修改或补充对任何一方 均没有效力和约束。这一点亦适用于对本条的修改和变更。

13.3 Should one of the provisions of the GTC be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired thereby. In such case, however, a provision which shall come as close as possible to the intended economic purpose and effect of the invalid provision shall be agreed by the Parties. 当本一般条款中的任何条款无效或无法执行,其他条款的有效性不得因此受到影响或 损害。但是,在这种情况下,双方应商定一个尽可能接近该无效条款的预期经济目的 和效果的条款来取代该无效条款。

13.4 The GTC is executed bilingually in English and Chinese language. In case of any discrepancy between the two language versions, the English version shall prevail. 一般条款以英文和中文两种语言书就。如果两种语言版本有任何矛盾之处,应以英文 版本为准。

13.5 Any dispute arising from or in connection with the GTC and Sales Order shall be submitted to Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (“SHIAC”) for arbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with the SHIAC’s arbitration rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration, without recourse to the ordinary courts of law. The place of arbitration shall be Shanghai, PRC. The language of arbitration shall be English. The arbitral award is final and binding upon DOLD and the Buyer. During the arbitration, the Parties are obliged to enforce the obligations arising from the GTC and Sales Order, except for the provisions in dispute. All costs of arbitration (including but not limited to arbitration fees, costs of arbitrators and legal fees and disbursements) shall be borne by the losing party, unless the arbitration rules include mandatory regulations to the contrary. 所有由本一般条款及销售订单引起或与本一般条款及销售订单有关的争议均应由上海 国际经济贸易仲裁委员会(“SHIAC”)按照申请仲裁时的现行有效的仲裁规则最终解 决,不得诉诸普通法院。仲裁地在中国上海。仲裁语言是英文。仲裁裁决是终局的, 对双方均有约束力。在仲裁期间,除争议事项之外,双方有义务继续履行本一般条款 及销售订单项下的义务。除非仲裁规则有相反的强制性规定,仲裁的所有费用(包括 但不限于仲裁费、仲裁员费用和法律费用及支出)应由败诉方承担。